Most organisations only realise a fraction of the benefit of cloud. They fail to unlock the full potential of cloud.

Expert Thinking provides specialist cloud knowledge and expertise to help you maximise the value and benefit of cloud for your organisation. We’re here to help you build and optimise your cloud services; improving efficiency and productivity, managing risk and minimising costs.

Expert Thinking provides consulting and hands-on delivery expertise in cloud infrastructure and platform, security and compliance, DevOps, CloudOps, and data services.

Build. Stabilise. Optimise. What is your next step?

We tailor our approach to work in a way that best suits you, supporting your team to successfully deliver your desired outcomes.

You’re considering cloud and want to validate the business case, you understand the importance of getting it right, and you want help to make sure your move to cloud is a success.

Expert Thinking will help you determine the benefits case for cloud, and design and implement a secure, scalable, and sustainable cloud solution (assuming the benefits case exists).

You’re using cloud although it’s not coordinated or standardised, you’re not sure what risk you’re running, it’s costing too much, and you’re failing to realise expected benefits.

Expert Thinking will help you identify, quantify, prioritise and resolve issues, standardising the way you use and support cloud, managing risk and optimising cost.

You’re using cloud, you’re happy but know there are opportunities to improve, you want to extend capability/maturity to build on the value and benefit you’ve already realised.

Expert Thinking will help you identify, quantify, prioritise and deliver improvements, extending and embedding best-in-class cloud processes and practices, optimising your use of cloud.

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