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Are you are failing at cloud?

Are you are failing at cloud? 28/03/2019

Are you making the most of your cloud? Or, are you just repeating the same old mistakes?

Successful cloud is as much (possibly more) about how you use the technology as the technology itself. In fact, to really succeed with cloud, your focus should be on your people, process (and tooling) and culture. Cloud, as a tech stack, isn’t really all that different to anything we’ve used before. It’s adopting new “cloudy” ways of working, that is going to make the difference.

Common indicators you’re failing at cloud include:

  • You’ve more than one persistent environment – you could argue your production environment should be persistent. That’s it!
  • You’re using humans to build your environments – relentlessly automate! Everything-as-code.
  • You’re using humans to push a release live – relentlessly!
  • You think orchestration is something to do with music – it’s not!
  • You think DevOps and CloudOps are tooling – they’re not! It’s a culture. Bringing together cross-functional teams to accelerate thing as one.
  • You think you’re agile and you don’t have an automated pipeline – CI is the new agile.
  • More than 20% of your testing though the UI – it’s so 80’s!
  • You still work to requirements documents – speed and agility are the watchwords for success today!
  • You work to deadlines not velocity
  • Your team works weekends – take a step back and ask yourself “why?”
  • You don’t sleep in the few days leading up to a major release – scrap that… the fact you have a major release!?!
  • You think processes not principles – empowerment – and innovation – starts with principles.
  • You think everything is well suited to cloud – it isn’t!
  • Your multi-cloud environment was borne of expediency, not strategy – one step away from chaos… and cloud sprawl.

No, the list doesn’t mention Azure, AWS, Google, Cloud Foundry, PaaS, IaaS, etc. In fact, it barely touches on “cloud”. That’s because your use of cloud starts with your business needs and objectives and your technology roadmap – not the cloud provider.

Remember, it’s not the tech, it’s how you apply the tech that makes the difference.

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