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Are you are failing at cloud?

Are you are failing at cloud? 28/03/2019

Are you just repeating the same mistakes on cloud? Common indicators you’re failing include:

  • You’ve more than one persistent environment – you could argue your production environment should be persistent. That’s it!
  • You’re using humans to build your environments – don’t! Relentlessly automate. Everything-as-code.
  • You’re using humans to push a release live – relentlessly automate!
  • You think orchestration is something to do with music – it’s not!
  • You think DevOps and CloudOps can be achieve with the right tools – they can’t! It’s a culture, a way of working.
  • You think you’re agile and you don’t have an automated pipeline – CI is the new agile.
  • You’ve more that 20% of your testing though the UI – it’s so 80’s!
  • Your team work weekends – why? There is no need!
  • You don’t sleep in the few days leading up to a major release – scrap that… the fact you have a major release!?!
  • You think processes not principles – empowerment and innovation start with principles.
  • You think everything is suited to cloud – it isn’t! Some workload simply don’t translate.
  • You’re operating a multi-cloud environment without a clear reason why – one step away from chaos… and cloud sprawl.

Remember, it’s not the tech, it’s how you use the tech that makes the difference.

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