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What makes Expert Thinking different?

What makes Expert Thinking different? 28/03/2019

Someone asked me today “what makes Expert Thinking different?” It’s a good question! And, it’s a question I ask myself every day. Why should an organisation choose Expert Thinking over the many other cloud consultancies in the market today? Why should you put your trust in us?

#1 It’s not just about the tech! We believe that success rests as much (if not more) in the people and process as it does in the technology itself. A highly skilled team could use old technology to achieve great things but a poorly skilled team would achieve very little even with the latest cutting edge technology. Therefore, it stands to reason that if you bring together a highly skilled team with the right technology the sky is the limit.

#2 Appropriate, not over-engineered! The words pragmatic and appropriate underpin everything we do. We believe in right for now, extensible for tomorrow. We don’t believe in over-engineering the solution. Often the 80% of benefit is enough, and the time, effort and cost to achieve the last 20%… well… it’s important not get carried away. Instead, use technology in a way that best suits your business now, implementing it in a way that is scalable and extensible so to support your business in the future, as it grows, as it evolves.

#3 We’ve done it! We can demonstrate – really demonstrate – capability through delivery as individuals and as a company over many years. We’ve many examples successfully delivering full-stack end-to-end cloud solutions on Azure and AWS across a variety of industries; banking, insurance, retail and pharmaceuticals to name a few.

There are many reasons we’re different but, ultimately, we believe it’s down to the people. We’ve an excellent team, a team our costomers can rely on to help successfully navigate their journey.

Expert Thinking is a specialist technology consultancy. We’re not big. We’re specialist. And we are here to help you implement the right technology in the right way.

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