In late 2016, Ben Fry and John Shortt met for a coffee.

At the time, John was heading up UBS’s global as-a-Service enabler programme and Ben was supporting the cloud-native transformation within several large financial organisations.

The conversation quickly identified a shared passion for helping organisations improve the way they use cloud. Ben and John were certain that many organisations fail to realise the true potential of cloud, and worse, operate at unknown operational risk, and are wasting money.

Their experience showed most organisations focus on the technical implementation, with very few understanding the importance of (or capable of successfully delivering) the people and process transformation that is the key to success.

In 2017, Expert Thinking was founded as a specialist cloud technology consultancy providing strategy and advisory, and delivery services in cloud infrastructure and platform, security and compliance, DevOps, CloudOps, and data services.

Today, Expert Thinking continues to grow helping mid-market and global enterprises, government and not-for-profit organisations successfully leverage ‘cloud’ in its many different forms to deliver measurable value and benefit in the context of their specific needs and objectives.

Ben Fry


Ben’s great passion is helping organisations change the way they think about and use technology. He has spent over 20 years driving improvements…

John Shortt


With 30 years experience in IT delivery, John has led and executed fundamental service change across a broad range of technology platforms including storage…

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