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About Us

Not like other cloud consultancies.

Our mission is to use our expertise and know-how to maximise the value and benefit of cloud technology for our customers.

We are a remote-first, industry certified team of expert cloud strategists and architects, engineers and developers, passionate about helping our customers achieve huge success with cloud technology.

Our people are our business – the key to our success, and that of our customers.

We work tirelessly to attract the best people; industry experts, thought-leaders, individuals with a proven, referencable track-record helping organisations big and small succeed with cloud.

We have a rigorous selection and screening process aligned with our quality standards and company ethos. Nothing is left to chance.

  • Technical expertise and know-how, and a track-record of successful delivery
  • Delivery focused, experience working with organisations big and small, ability to overcome obstacles and successfully delvier even the most challenging of projects
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • A good ‘fit’ culturally – affable and personable, honest, trustworthy and driven, with a strong attention to detail
  • Professional and industry certified in chosen disciplines (that said, we recognise nothing makes up for real-world experience)
  • Full background checks (financial, CRB, security, references, etc.)

We’ve the knowlege, expertise and real-world experience needed to succeed. We’ve learnt the lessons so you don’t have to.

Our approach and proprietary methodologies are proven to deliver substantial cost savings and maximise ROI.

Our catalogue of proprietary artifacts, patterns and scripts are proven to accelerate solution delivery.

Our approach is pragmatic, underpinned by real-world experience. We work iteratively, focusing on delivering demonstrable value from day one. We are flexible, adapting to evolving priorities, focusing our effort on maximising value and benefit, accelerating benefits realisation, lowering costs and reducing risk.

Our company principles

  • We put our customers first – independent, objective, expert solutions aligned to their specific needs
  • Technology is an enabler and only as good as how it’s used – people drive success
  • Value underpins everything we do – we are pragmatists who understand the need to deliver fast

Our engagement principles

  • Success is achieved by design through clear, well defined, measurable outcomes
  • Deal with the reality of the situation; be proactive, not reactive; clear responsibilities and accountabilities
  • Open, honest and regular communication – collaboration and clear reporting is key
  • Enable, not “own” – plan for handover from the start

Our solution principles

  • Build secure, compliant, performant, scalable and extensible solutions
  • Meet the changing needs of the business and technology
  • Prioritise agnostic over proprietary cloud services with clearly defined, loosely coupled integration to external services
  • Prioritise the adoption of higher level (abstracted) services
  • Demonstrate value and benefit iteratively

World-class partners.

GuideSmiths is a nearshore software consultancy founded on the vision that to deliver high-quality software in a timely and effective way, you need a highly skilled team working directly with the customer. From this vision we have grown into a company specialising in the technical transformation of our clients architectures utilising microservices and modern agile practices.

Our teams are pragmatic, productive and made up of hard-working individuals who are passionate about delivery and enjoy transforming your business.

RiverSafe are an award-winning cyber security and data operations solutions provider. We offer comprehensive services which support businesses to improve operational efficiency and gain advanced visibility into their cyber and data environments.

Our expert team are committed to delivering industry leading services to all of our clients. We give businesses the perspective and insight they need to create unified solutions and make informed business decisions. We are proud to have worked with world leading companies including Vodafone, BP and Sky.

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