Our mission at Expert Thinking is to use our expertise and know-how to maximise the value and benefit of cloud technology for our customers.

While organisations actively want to learn how to use cloud technologies, few possess the knowledge and skills required to succeed. They lack the specialist expertise and real-world experience needed to make the most of the opportunity that cloud presents.

We have that expertise and experience. With a track record of successful delivery for global organisations, SMEs, and start-ups, we fit seamlessly into your existing team and partner with you on every step of your cloud journey.

By working with us, our customers have driven measurable improvements to velocity, time, cost, confidence, and risk reduction by establishing or optimising cloud technologies.

Founded in 2017, and supporting more than 100 companies across the UK and Europe, our industry-certified team of cloud specialists will take your cloud vision and make it real.

We provide a comprehensive range of services, from advisory and consulting, through to design, build, implementation, and finally migration and operation and support. Our expertise enables rapid deployment and integration of cloud and on-premises technologies – delivering an outstanding solution at optimal cost.

We ensure your use of cloud meets your immediate and future business needs, and your requirements for security, compliance, scalability, performance, availability/redundancy, integration/connectivity, and extensibility.

Whether building a solution from scratch, or remediating, extending or enhancing an existing solution, everything we do is focused on you, the customer.

What We Do

We specialise in cloud application and data platform architecture, engineering, operation and support. Our focus is on what differentiates you from your competitors:

How your specific use of cloud technologies will best enable your business and technology teams to keep ahead of your competition.

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Our customers trust us

From global organisations to SME's and start-ups, we put our customers first.

Our customers achieve more with cloud