AI Packages.

We all know that AI is driving change across society and industry – and it is changing so fast that it is almost impossible to keep up. We provide a series of packaged services designed to help you get the most out of AI, each taking a different aspect of AI, sifting out all of the hype to focus on business benefit, technology and implementation.

Each can be delivered in isolation, or as a series of rapid engagements to get you to a fully implemented AI service in just a few days. Explore our range of offerings and discover how we can help you achieve greater efficiency, engagement, and growth with the power of AI.

AI Packages

AI Readiness Assessment.

Expert Thinking’s AI Readiness Assessment evaluates your organisation’s infrastructure, data, capability, and processes to gauge its readiness to adopt artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. It focuses on key factors known to significantly increase the successful implementation of and value and benefits derived from AI.

It provides key insights into cultural and ethical considerations, considerate of regulations and data privacy, alongside more technical aspects, such as the underlying platform design, strategy alignment and data quality management.

This assessment is critical for businesses that wish to harness the power of AI to enhance their operations, innovate, and maintain competitive advantage.

AI Readiness Assessment
AI Readiness Assessment

Strategic alignment

A comprehensive understanding of your existing environment, where the key risks and challenges are that need addressing based on a clear backlog.

AI Readiness Assessment

AI readiness

Documented specific recommendations that will help make your organisation ready to use the power of AI with a clear understanding of the next steps.

AI Readiness Assessment

Ethics alignment

Navigate the complex issues of ethical, cultural and regulatory use of AI, ensuring your organisation remains aligned with best practice and relevant industry standards and regulations.

AI Readiness Assessment

Cultural readiness

Consideration of how AI might affect the organisation, accompanied by suggestions for cultural adjustments.

AI Readiness Assessment

Business benefits

Determine how AI can drive business value and benefit, evaluate the ROI, and agree a roadmap and next steps.

AI Readiness Assessment

AI preparations

Understand the changes required to implement AI, covering infrastructure, security, data to reduce the potential risks associated with its use.

AI Readiness Assessment

Knowledge transfer

Understand which areas of the organisation that will need upskilling and key technical areas to focus on.

AI “Art of the Possible” Workshop.

Expert Thinking’s AI “Art of the Possible” Workshop explores the extensive potential of artificial intelligence (AI) tailored to your organisation’s specific contextual requirements.

Beyond the scope of an AI Readiness Assessment, the AI “Art of the Possible” Workshop actively demonstrates what AI can achieve, identifying innovative solutions tailored to your organisation’s unique challenges and opportunities, in the context of cultural, ethical and regulatory considerations.

This two-day workshop covers everything from systems integration, security and data compliance through to persona definition ethics and AI culture. You and your team will be better informed, understand what is possible, feasible and deliverable, and appreciate the opportunities for your organisation, and next steps.

AI Art of the Possible
AI Art of the Possible

Aligns business strategy

Understand how AI initiatives must be closely aligned with strategic goals to maximise the value of investments in AI.

AI Art of the Possible

Demystifies AI

Demystify AI for non-technical stakeholders, why there are different models and technologies, and what is feasible and desirable.
AI Art of the Possible

Creates AI ready culture

How to foster a culture of innovation and readiness to use AI based technologies, eliminate concerns and reduce inertia.
AI Art of the Possible

Inspires innovation

Demonstrate the “art of the possible”, inspire innovative thinking and creative solutions to business challenges and transformation.
AI Art of the Possible

Accelerates AI culture

Provide a clear, demonstrable vision of AI’s potential, how it is used to accelerate and improve decision-making based on higher quality data.
AI Art of the Possible

Tailored use-cases

Understand how prototypes can be developed to demonstrate capability tailored to the business, extending beyond boiler-plate AI implementations.

Rapid AI Chatbot Implementation.

Have confidence in your first step on your AI journey with Expert Thinking’s AI Chatbot. Implement tailored versions of OpenAI, configured to use your data sets and focused on addresses a specific use-case and/or challenge.

Rapidly enhance customer service and engagement (service desk), increase operational efficiency (HR assistant), reduce operational risk (compliance engine), or improve the quality and volume of documentation (social media content), all through the power of generative AI.

By leveraging pre-existing, sophisticated AI technology, Expert Thinking provides a seamless, fixed-cost deployment of a fully customised AI Chatbot built in your Azure or AWS subscription, deployed using the latest Infrastructure as Code and CI/CD pipelines.

Rapid AI Chatbot Implementation
Rapid AI Chatbot Implementation

Rapid deployment

Infrastructure and application code deployed in a matter of days using Expert Thinking’s proprietary accelerators.

Rapid AI Chatbot Implementation


Security and date compliance is built in by design (internal/proprietary data is not shared with public OpenAI services).

Rapid AI Chatbot Implementation

Tailored implementation

The AI Chatbot is tailored to reflect your specific requirements, addresses a specific use-case or challenge, maximising business value and benefit.

Rapid AI Chatbot Implementation

Natural language and generative AI

The application takes full advantage of the power of natural language processing.

Rapid AI Chatbot Implementation


The infrastructure and application align with industry best practises and Expert Thinking’s extensive real-world experience and expertise.

Rapid AI Chatbot Implementation

Deployment automation

Uses industry best of breed Infrastructure as Code and automated CI/CD pipelines.

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