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Specialist cloud application and data platform expertise from an experienced AWS partner

Amazon Web Services

Expert Thinking is an AWS Consulting Partner. Our team of been-there-done-that seasoned IT engineers and brilliant, bright technologists is committed to helping our customers to build stronger, more efficient, and more innovative business.

Whether you are considering using AWS for the first time or have already embraced it, we understand your business needs, focus on what differentiates you from your competitors, and know how cloud can better enable your business and technology teams to keep you ahead of your competition.

AWS Specialisations & Services

Landing Zone Accelerator

Rocket-boost your AWS cloud adoption and maximise the benefits of AWS technologies. Using our AWS accelerators, you can quickly run production workloads, leveraging the power of AWS to drive business efficiency, reduce costs and differentiate you from your competitors.


We will work with you to understand how best to unlock the power of containers. Through the right mix of consulting, hands-on engineering, training and support, we will guide you through the use of AWS containerisation services such as ECS and EKS to drive your business to migrate and modernise your platform and applications. 


At the heart of any successful organisation is the ability to be agile, efficient, and productive. And, through the adoption of DevOps principles and tooling, this can be achieved. Expert Thinking will use our expertise and knowledge of these principles and tooling to build and advise on your DevOps strategy. By implementing DevOps tooling and methods as part of your cloud journey, you will be able to streamline your processes for development, continually evolving to drive performance and business agility.

Windows Workloads

Realise the full potential of AWS for your Microsoft and Windows-based workloads. Our specialised team is dedicated to accelerating, migrating, modernising, and deploying a wide range of Microsoft based workloads on AWS cloud, using our Landing Zone Accelerator. We help you modernise your applications and infrastructure, leveraging AWS services for enhanced scalability, security, and performance and our team excels in seamless migration, minimising downtime and disruptions to your business operations. 

AWS Well-Architected Review

The AWS Well-Architected reviews are a vital component of the Well-Architected framework, designed to assist your organisation in constructing secure, high-performing, and efficient infrastructure for their applications.

Case Studies

Leading UK building society launches its mobile banking app on AWS

Expert Thinking supports a UK building society go-live with its mobile banking application on AWS. Working with our customer and the third-party mobile application development team, we designed and implemented a Greenfield AWS IaaS-PaaS converged environment that met internal and regulatory security and compliance standards….

Transforming Cashflows Cloud Support team using CloudOps and SRE best practice to deliver improved service and lowered cost

The organisation recognised that it needed to modernise their CloudOps support function to take advantage of their investment in cloud – focusing on operational efficiency and automation. Expert Thinking took over the management of the Cloud platforms, transforming service quality, increasing automation of service and eliminating infrastructure outages. Significant quality of service improvement, tripling of transaction volumes whilst reducing cost of service by 20%.

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