Workshop: Make cloud work for you, not against you.

 Establish a clear view and quantify the significant benefit public cloud can bring to your organisation, and plan the journey.

Expert Thinking’s Cloud Strategy Workshop establishes a foundational knowledge of public cloud, cloud native methodologies, workflows, and best practices, helps identify business benefits and core use cases for cloud.

From concepts through to non-negotiable design and engineering principles, this workshop provides the basis of knowledge upon which senior leaders can be better informed to assure they make the right decisions to public cloud.

What’s in it for you?

Access to unparalleled cloud, data and AI expertise. Guidance and practical insights about how cloud, data and AI can help your organisation increase agility, improve performance and reduce costs to drive competitive advantage.

Ensure that your strategy for the cloud positions you for success.

The workshop goes beyond a superficial examination that produces generic recommendations. It is carefully crafted to provide the latest information in cloud trends, providing attendees with real, practical advice aligned to your cloud strategy and use-cases to facilitate more informed decision-making.

Workshop format and agenda.

A facilitated half day workshop to explore the use of cloud within the framework of your immediate and future business and technology objectives:

  • Organisational drivers – What are the business goals? What role does technology play? What does good look like?
  • Review the “as is” – People (culture, team capability). Process. Technology (infrastructure, architecture, services, storage and applications). Tooling. What works? What doesn’t?
  • Assess the role of cloud technology – Desired vs required characteristics from cloud services and new ways of working – security, performance, service independence, scalability, compliance, etc.
  • Discuss the “to-be” – What is achievable? Explore the “art of the possible”? What opportunities are there to increase business benefit, reduce risks and challenges? What can be achieved based on your organisation’s current state and the realistic planning horizon?
  • Immediate opportunities – What opportunities exist? And why? For each, what are the desired outcome(s), benefits, challenges and risks, dependencies, unknowns, etc.?
  • Challenges and risks –What are the challenges and risks to success?

Workshop outcomes.

Increased insights into the cloud marketplace technologies and ways of working.
Third party review of your cloud strategy, approach and alignment to business goals, providing advice to maximise benefits and reduce risk.

Well defined goals, actions and next steps to enhance your use of cloud technology, data and AI.

Who should attend?

Mid and senior-level IT stakeholders responsible for business transformation, digital adoption/transformation, infrastructure cloud initiatives, data and AI.

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