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case study fortune 500 company
Finance Industry

Fortune 500

Expert Thinking helped to secure $160K Microsoft ECIF funding for this Fortune 500 company.

Case Study RLM
Finance Industry

Royal London Asset Management

Expert Thinking supporting the go live of the new Royal London Asset Management (RLAM) data platform.

case study building society cloud solutions
Finance Industry

Award winning building society

A world-class mobile application hybrid platform on AWS for an award-winning building society.

case study Europe’s largest tyre retailer cloud solutions
Retail Industry

Europe’s largest tyre retailer

Unlocking the power of Azure DevOps for Europe’s largest tyre retailer.

case study telecoms provider cloud solutions
Telecoms Industry

Leading telecoms provider

Detailed review of a hybrid AWS and Azure cloud service for a leading Telecoms provider.

case study leading pharmaceuticals firm cloud solutions
Healthcare Industry

Leading pharmaceuticals firm

Reduced “time to insights” by delivering an advanced data platform laboratory for a leading pharmaceuticals firm.

case study healthcare finance consultancy cloud solutions
Finance Industry

Leading UK lender

Team Foundation Server (TFS) to Azure DevOps migration gap analysis, migration engineering and deployment.

case study international manufacturing company cloud solutions
Retail Industry

International manufacturing company

Expert Thinking engineers Azure Data Platform for major retailer in collaboration with Softcat and Cognizant.

case study vehicle retail group cloud solutions
Retail Industry

Vehicle retail group

Delivering a DR capability to a leading vehicle retail group implementing a cloud first policy using best of breed methods and technologies.

case study global energy provider
Energy Industry

Global energy provider

State of the art analysis and reporting of security vulnerabilities for a global energy provider.

case study global financial services organisation
Retail Industry

Global financial services organisation

Expert Thinking accelerates delivery and lowers risks for a global Financial Services organisation’s move to Azure Data Warehouse.

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