Case Study:
Award-winning building society

A world-class mobile application hybrid platform on AWS for an award-winning building society.


In response to the company’s requirement for an AWS platform to support their customer-facing savings account system on mobile devices, we were asked to design and construct a modern cloud platform to host their customer facing mortgage mobile application.

The scope of the engagement covered network configurations, server setups, storage solutions, and seamless integration with the application code provided by a third-party development company.

Critical success factors:

Well Designed

Well-designed for security, compliance, and audit goals.

Cost Effective

Able to handle traffic spikes whilst remaining cost-effective


Support – Enable support of the environment at minimal cost.

Our solution

We engineered a modern cloud platform on AWS, adhering rigorously to modern DevOps best practices and the foundational principles of Expert Thinking, emphasizing a code-first design approach using Terraform, code repositories and pipelines for deployment.

As part of the solution we seamlessly integrated core services within a Hybrid Cloud model, various services, such as authentication is managed using on-premise services.

We established a robust code repository whilst collaborating with a third-party application development company to ensure the secure and compliant integration of on-premise services, cloud infrastructure and applications, aligning with best practices in security and compliance.

Finally, the solution was built to facilitate the use of ephemeral environments (facilitating the efficient shutdown of development and test/staging environments when not in use). This contributed to a reduction in overall service costs. Alongside this we built-in mechanisms for patching and maintenance.

Following the development, testing, and deployment phases, we committed to providing 24×7 callout support, although system failures were extremely rare, extending our services to cover patching and deployment support to ensure the ongoing integrity and reliability of the platform.

The benefits

The results of Expert Thinking’s solutions facilitated the deployment of a savings account application, resulting in a substantial revenue boost for the company and garnering industry accolades. By leveraging Infrastructure as Code (IaC) for the cloud solution ensured that maintenance tasks were minimal over the course of four years, significantly reducing day-to-day operational costs. The thoughtful design not only met all audit and compliance requirements effortlessly each year but also demanded minimal additional support. This framework further supported seamless updates to the application, allowing the company to maintain a strong market position without the need for significant re-design of the underlying platform. The successful implementation of this solution not only facilitated the company’s business expansion but also culminated in the recognition of their excellence within the industry, as evidenced by the receipt of a prestigious industry award.



Modern AWS environment built using best practice (CI/CD pipelines and IaC throughout).


Engineer in low support needs through building highly resilient solution with high uptime designed in.


Be able to support significant spikes in volume, proven when the award-winning mobile app tripled volume overnight with Martin Lewis endorsement.

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