Case Study:
Fortune 500 company

Fortune 500 company leveraged Expert Thinking’s expertise to secure $160K Microsoft ECIF funding, achieving cost savings and ensuring future project support.


Recognising the need for financial support to invest in transformative projects, Expert Thinking explored End Customer Investment Funds (ECIF), a strategic funding source from Microsoft designed to assist businesses in implementing strategic initiatives.

The funding sought was specifically aligned with a global data project, enabling the acceleration of delivery, and reducing the investment levels required from the customer, increasing significantly the Return on Investment.

Accessing ECIF funding posed a challenge due to the competitive application process, requiring a thorough understanding of the requirements and alignment with the fund’s objectives. Expert Thinking navigated this process while demonstrating the potential impact of their proposed global data project.

Critical success factors:

Strategic Alignment

Ensuring projects closely aligned with ECIF program and client's goals.

Industry Engagement

Proactively engaging with Microsoft leaders enhanced visibility and partnership.

Effective Proposal Development

Crafting compelling proposals increased chances of securing ECIF funding.

Our solution

Through the application of the customer, we successfully secured ECIF funding amounting to $160,000, specifically aligned with the global data project. This provided the necessary financial support for their transformative initiatives.

  • Accelerated global data project implementation: With secured funding, the customer expedited the implementation of the project. Expert thinking played a crucial role in efficiently managing resources, minimising delays, and ensuring the timely delivery of project milestones.
  • Cost savings: By leveraging ECIF funding strategically for the global data project, the customer realised significant cost savings.
  • Enhanced visibility through engagement: The engagement with Microsoft leaders, helped enhance the customers visibility. This visibility not only contributed to the success of the ECIF funding application for the project but also positioned them as a key player to invest with Microsoft.

The benefits

The collaboration between Expert Thinking and our Fortune 500 client resulted in significant benefits. By securing $160,000 in ECIF funding aligned with the global data project, the client was able to accelerate project implementation, achieve cost savings and enhance visibility through strategic engagement with Microsoft.

This success highlights the effectiveness of strategic planning, detailed analysis and industry collaboration in driving transformative initiatives and securing ongoing support for future endeavors.


Goal Alignment

Aligning project initiatives closely with ECIF program objectives ensured funding success.

Cost Savings

Leveraging ECIF funding strategically resulted in significant cost reductions.

Strategic Partnership

Collaborative efforts positioned the client as a key player for future investment opportunities with Microsoft.

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