Determine if ‘Cloud’ is Right For You and Map Your Journey in a Discovery Workshop Facilitated by Our Cloud Experts

Our half-day interactive workshop explores cloud technology in the context of your specific business and technology goals.

During the session, we will work with you to:

  • Understand your business; what you do, how you work, what role technology plays, your objectives and goals, and how you’re performing
  • Establish a shared understanding of cloud technology, address any concerns you may have, and clarify where you are on your cloud journey
  • Undertake a high-level review of your organisation; business needs, opportunities, key challenges, how technology is currently supporting your business (what works, what doesn’t, and what needs improvement)
  • Review your current IT landscape; people, process and technology; capability and capacity
  • Quantify the potential benefits of cloud technology, and identify opportunities to move capability, capacity and/or services to the cloud, broadly assessing the impact of each – cost, benefits, challenges, risks, etc.
  • Prioritise identified opportunities, agree actions needed to validate our assumptions, and agree next steps

You’ll walk away with:

An understanding of cloud technology and digital transformation; opportunities and benefits, challenges and risks

Clarity on whether business case exists for your business, and what the drivers for that case are

A high-level roadmap to unlock benefits complete with a clear set of actionable next steps

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