Employee Spotlight: Emma Pegler

by | Feb 23, 2024

What’s the most rewarding aspect of your role?

The most rewarding aspect of my role is the opportunity to play a pivotal part in the success of our customers. Collaborating with our exceptional team, partners, and clients, I value the opportunity to build lasting relationships and contribute to their company growth and adoption of cloud technology.

Each day brings new challenges, offering continuous learning and growth. Whether it’s finding solutions or overcoming challenges, I have the chance to effect and drive real change which makes my role truly gratifying.

Can you talk me through a project you’re particularly proud of and what it taught you?

At Expert Thinking we have two types of customers. They are either starting their cloud journey (and want to succeed from the get-go) or have already embraced cloud (and want to extend, enhance, optimise its use).A project that stands out for me is where we were engaged to assist a brownfield customer to review their current azure platform to ensure it is to best practice and fit for purpose. Personally, I love these types of projects as it is an opportunity to go beyond a health check and fully understand businesses goal’s and how we can ensure our clients have a solution that fits both their current and future needs. The review looks at everything from security, scalability to cost savings and acts a benchmark.

Once the review is complete, we provide a detailed report outlining areas they are doing well but also recommended improvements to ensure a fully robust environment. Each customer is unique, and this report is bespoke to them, providing a valuable profession insightful and is always a worthwhile exercise.

I was particularly proud of this project because it is a true example of how Expert Thinking supports companies to maximise the value and benefit of public cloud. Following this exercise, I am now continuing to work closely with this customer as they continue this journey. Business leads technology and the success really is in people and process.

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

Personally, it is the small wins for me. When I first started Expert Thinking I knew very little about cloud technology, fast forward two years and it is fulfilling when I can contribute more to a conversation or understand the terminology (especially with the talent I work with daily and the fast-paced industry that is tech). This realisation has not only boosted my confidence in my abilities but also motivated me to continue expanding my knowledge and skills to deliver even more significant contributions in the future. 

Another proud accomplishment for me, is a customer or partner continuing to work with Expert Thinking. It’s a testament to the positive impact Expert Thinking have made. This accomplishment fuels my commitment to delivering impactful results and strengthens the professional relationships built.

What inspired you to pursue a career in tech?

My career started in banking, and I spent eight years in the financial industry, which I truly loved. I worked for a fantastic employer and was lucky enough to progress, experiencing various roles. My real passion was working with our business customers to make a positive impact in their day to day, however I reached a crossroads. Working with customers was key to me but I felt it was time, for my personal development, to explore another industry. So, diving into tech was a bit like jumping into a whirlwind of constant change, and I loved every bit of it. The fast-paced, always-evolving nature of the field was a real magnet for me. I wanted something different, not just a job but a journey of continuous learning and excitement.

What really got me hooked, though, is how tech isn’t just about fancy gadgets. It’s about making a real impact on how businesses operate and succeed. I love seeing how it brings actual benefits, transforming the way companies work and innovate. That’s the short story of how I ended up diving into the tech world. It’s a bit wild, a bit unexpected, but definitely exciting, every day is truly a school day.

How has your role evolved since you joined ET?

My role originally started with coming in to provide support to sales, operation, and finance. This evolved over the years, and I have taken on significant workloads and ever-increasing responsibilities. I am now responsible for the success of our customer relationships. Working hand-in-hand with the different areas of the business (operations to delivery) to support the successful delivery of every project on time, within budget and to scope, and most importantly returning value back to our customers. I am an advocate for both Expert Thinking and our customers, ensuring effective communication, effective collaboration with and contribution from each customer, through the sales to delivery lifecycle. 

How do you collaborate for success within your team?

What truly stands out for me in the culture of effective communication, collaboration, and contribution from every team member at Expert Thinking. Everyone is always there and happy to help each other. In this environment. my voice is not just heard; it matters. We operate as a cohesive team, where each member, from leadership to support staff, plays a crucial role. Being a remote team, we attend meetings via slack, teams and are pretty flexible but make the most of it when we are in person together at our quarterly events.

What do you most enjoy about working at ET?

I continue to learn daily, surrounded by a very talented team. Being a part of Expert Thinking over the last two years has not only been a career but a fulfilling journey where I’ve seen my opinions valued, witnessed the power of teamwork, and felt the genuine care for both customers and colleagues. I am excited about the future, knowing that I am part of a company that embodies the principles of innovation, collaboration, and customer success.

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