Employee Spotlight: Rodrigo Fernandes

Employee Spotlight: Rodrigo Fernandes

Tell us a bit about you!

I’m a DevOps & Platform Consultant at Expert Thinking and have many years of experience working in Project Management, Quality Analyst, Subject Matter Expert and as a Cloud Business Analyst. With my Cloud Computing expertise in AWS and Azure, as well as my certification as an AWS Solutions Architect Associate, I’ve gained experience working in Agile and DevOps environments, developing various B2C services. Now, very happy working at Expert Thinking.

I am a Brazilian and have been living in Portimao, Portugal for 6 years now, and am about to become officially Portuguese. I love being among nature and sharing smiles with people. Besides Cloud Computing, I have University background in International Relations and Social Sciences.

I am passionate about my involvement with a charitable organistion in Brazil, where I help provide food, water and education to approximately 100 individuals, benefiting 45 families in a disadvantaged neighbourhood in my home state, Espirito Santo.

Source: Fraternidade Espirita Joanna de Angelis (FREJA)

What was it about Expert Thinking that attracted you to join the company?

Working with the edge of technology in cloud, developing innovative solutions. I wanted to work within Portugal but have the exposure to work on projects within Europe as well. When I got to know more about Expert Thinking, I was impressed that they work with such large enterprise level customers and be working on the cutting edge of technology.

These aspects silently resonated with me, instilling a sense of profound competence within the company and consequently within myself.

The interview process took on a personal approach, with the CTO, James Whinn flying out to meet with me. Coming from a large corporate background in my previous role, I greatly appreciated James’ effort, feeling that this gesture of respect was reciprocated.

How did you find being the first employee in Portugal?

I was immensely proud to be part of such important strategic step for the company.  In my initial conversation with the board, we discussed the necessary structures and their implementation. By the time of our subsequent meeting a few months later, they had successfully fulfilled their commitments. The noticeable growth within that short period was remarkable.

How do you manage to stay connected and integrated to the wider company when working in another country?

Expert Thinking run a number of team building activities in the UK for everyone in the company, including flying over everyone in Portugal.  They know the importance of extracting the best out of the people and have adapted the working style accordingly. Employees’ diverse backgrounds are not factors; the focus remains on collaborating with the best talents, all aiming to a greater goal.

What are the specific challenges or opportunities within Expert Thinking that excited you and made you want to be a part of it?

I have been within the business less than a year. However, I am working on the edge of technology and doing things that have never been done before, alongside the highest skilled experts. Cloud Computing is one of the main factors of this technological revolution going on, with the potential impact on humanity being nothing short of phenomenal!

In your opinion, what differentiates this company from other companies in the same industry or field?

The quality of the service that they offer is really impressive, working on the cutting edge of technology with highly skilled experts. While other companies operate similarly, Expert Thinking distinguishes itself through its exceptional agility, In contrast, larger industry players often find themselves entangled in bureaucratic processes, which can impede flexibility and hinder innovation. The environment here encourages active participation and grants employees the opportunity to play significant roles in shaping the company’s direction and success.

What advice would you give to someone considering relocating to Portugal that wants to continue to work within tech?

Portugal is actively promoting the expansion of the tech sector, so it’s never been a better time to make a move. The country boasts stunning scenery, pleasant weather, great food, and a welcoming community of expatriates, all within a reasonably affordable cost of living.

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