Free half-day with our cloud experts

Cloud presents considerable benefit when implemented properly. And, risk when not!

You would be surprised by what we see. Poorly designed and implemented cloud solutions that put the organisation at considerable operational, financial and reputational risk. And, often, those responsible are unaware of the risk they are running.

Act in haste, repent in leisure. This is advice many cloud and digital transformation programmes need to heed.

We all get the ’fail fast, plug and play’ innovation mantras, and correctly applied in many areas of technology they are truly transformational. However, cloud transformation is more complex, and the ‘plug and play’ is little more than a marketing ploy.

Buying cloud is ‘easy’! It’s supposed to be. Everything about cloud is supposed to be easy. That’s part of the problem. Providers are making it incredibly easy to procure cloud services. But to build integrated cloud services that are secure, compliant and performant is a complex undertaking.

What’s more, we know that a move to cloud, made without a well thought through strategy tends to drive costs up rather than down.

We offer a free half day of consultancy or a half day facilitated workshop to review ‘cloud’ in the specific context of your business. So, whether you’re new to cloud, considering a move to cloud, want to optimise your use of cloud, or need help to rescue a failing or under-performing cloud, we’re here to help.