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How much are you overspending on cloud?

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So, you have a significant cloud presence and you’re thinking that the costs are looking rather high. No surprise there! It’s a problem that faces pretty much every organisation sooner or later. You think, I’ll check out the statistics on usage and service levels. That should help me save a load of money.

Seems like a smart move. It’s good place to start, yes. But it’s unlikely to deliver the savings you need. You see the thing is, you’re not really getting to the root of the problem. Pretty much all tools tell you how to optimise what you have. Which, if what you have is perfectly designed, with the minimum number of environments, network domains, instances, etc. will get you a good result.

But let’s be honest, when was the last time you looked at your environments (cloud or otherwise) and thought that you had exactly the right number of everything? That everything was perfectly optimised?

The bottom line is that to really optimise your cloud (public, private or hybrid) you need to look at your environment holistically. In general self-service tools will provide insight on:

They’ll give you historical data and from there trend future utilisation. Many will allow you to do scenario analysis as well. There are, however, a few things they can’t tell you:

And then finally there are the real areas of focus – everything that isn’t cloud:

Bringing together the technologists and the accountants can really make huge differences in cost of service.

If you haven’t considered all the points outlined above, it’s likely you’re wasting money that could be used to drive genuine business benefit and, with it, increase profitability and/or investment in driving revenue.

In our experience, most organisations overspend on cloud by up to 20%!

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