Principles, not process to benefit you

No two clients are the same. We know from experience there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach (or a standard methodology). We use a principles (not process) led approach to delivery, tailoring any process or method we use to the specific objectives and scope of each project.

We understand your need to realise value and benefit quickly. We use an iterative, agile approach aligned with the overall goal, delivering measurable value and benefit continuously throughout the project. We deliver:

  • Appropriate, optimised and justified use (risk, cost, benefit) of cloud technology, aligned to your specific drivers, delivering measurable improvement and business value.
  • Fully integrated, secure, compliant, performant and scalable cloud solutions.
  • The associated people and process transformation, supporting the move to service-based utility computing – our goal is to enable, not “own”, and we are committed to ensuring you are fully equipped to operate and extend the delivered solution.

Interested? We offer a free half day workshop facilitated by cloud experts to review ‘cloud’ in the specific context of your goals and objectives, and scope, and provide expert advice.


It’s how you use the technology, not the technology itself

We work as an extension to your team, providing expertise and know-how across network and infrastructure, technology operations and application development, helping you navigate your cloud journey and successfully deliver the right cloud solution for you. We deliver:

  • The technology; appropriate, optimised, integrated, secure, compliant, performant, scaleable, elastic.
  • The process; how to deliver the technology, the changes to operational processes, governance and service reporting.
  • The people; moving to a services based utility computing operating model – a paradigm shift in the way you consume and use technology.

To succeed it’s critical to align the technical delivery with all aspects of the business.

The Customer Gap

What is ‘success’ in the eyes of your customer? What gaps exist between current service and desired service?

Your Strategy

What are the business goals, i.e. expansion, cost reduction, market position, services to offer, and how does technology align?

Your Technology

Infrastructure, platform, architecture, services, storage and applications. What works, what doesn’t, what needs improvement? What real opportunities exist for cloud technology?

Your People

What is the existing capacity, capability and maturity? Does the culture support the transformation?

Your Processes

How do the existing processes enable or constrain the adoption of cloud technology and a services orientated operating model?

Cost vs. Benefit

What is the investment and what are the benefits? How will it be measured? What financial controls are required?

Ready? Get set. Go!

We are here to help you navigate your cloud journey, and successfully deliver the right cloud solution for you. Get in touch today.