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We are a specialist organisation, experts in our field, thought-leaders who bring together decades of experience successfully delivering cloud to mid-market and global enterprises, government and non-profit organisations – all with the highest demands in terms of security, compliance, performance, scale and elasticity.

In our experience, organisations focus on the technical implementation. Very few understand the importance of (or can successfully deliver) the people and process transformation that is, in our experience, the key to cloud success.

Expert Thinking is built on the co-founders’ shared belief that success rests equally in the technology and the way it is used and consumed.


Thought leaders with a proven track record

No nonsense

Straight forward, pragmatic, engaging


Independent, focused on what’s right for you


Leading technology and organisation change


Maximising value, delivering success

“No matter if you’re a startup or global enterprise, a move to the cloud takes proper planning and preparation. It’s more than an efficiency or cost saving measure; it’s a major step towards innovation and opportunity.”

John Shortt, co-founder

Ben Fry


Ben’s great passion is helping organisations change the way they think about and use technology. He has spent over 20 years driving improvements across operations and appdev, helping…

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John Shortt


With 30 years experience in IT delivery, John has led and executed fundamental service change across a broad range of technology platforms including storage,..

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Quickly identify what’s needed to comply with GDPR

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