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GamingWorks designs, develops and deploys professional business simulations, or serious games, aimed at supporting organisational learning and development, and aimed at supporting organisational change.

Expert Thinking is a GamingWorks partner certified to deliver The Phoenix Project simulation.

gamingworks partner

The Phoenix Project simulation.

DevOps seems to be the latest ‘buzzword’ and trend in the IT industry. Driven by the business need for ever faster deployment of new functionality and frustration with the time and effort it takes to get new systems into Operations.

It is no longer a question of ‘should we adopt DevOps’ ,but ‘when and how’. However, DevOps represents a significant cultural and behavioral change and many organisations fail to address this in their adoption. This game can be used to help explore and understand DevOps, and to identify and agree concrete actions for adopting and deploying DevOps practices.

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