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We are your Microsoft experts.

Expert Thinking is proud to be a member of the prestigious Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program, allowing us to deliver cutting-edge solutions and services that leverage the power of AI in conjunction with the Microsoft Cloud.

As a Solutions Partner for Digital & App Innovation (Azure), Expert Thinking offers a comprehensive range of capabilities to assist our clients in building, running, and managing applications across multiple clouds, on premises, and at the edge. Our approach is flexible, allowing us to seamlessly integrate with the tools and frameworks preferred by our customers.

Furthermore, as a Microsoft Infrastructure Solutions Partner, Expert Thinking possesses extensive capabilities to expedite the migration of critical infrastructure workloads to Azure. This proficiency underscores our in-depth understanding of Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure and tools, empowering us to create robust solutions for our clients

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Microsoft Specialisations & Services.

Landing Zone Accelerator

Rocket-boost your Microsoft cloud adoption and maximise the benefits of Microsoft technologies. Using our Microsoft accelerators, you can quickly run production workloads, leveraging the power of Microsoft to drive business efficiency, reduce costs and differentiate you from your competitors.


We will work with you to understand how best to unlock the power of containers. Through the right mix of consulting, hands-on engineering, training and support, we will guide you through the use of Microsoft containerisation services such as ECS and EKS to drive your business to migrate and modernise your platform and applications.


At the heart of any successful organisation is the ability to be agile, efficient, and productive. And, through the adoption of DevOps principles and tooling, this can be achieved. Expert Thinking will use our expertise and knowledge of these principles and tooling to build and advise on your DevOps strategy. By implementing DevOps tooling and methods as part of your cloud journey, you will be able to streamline your processes for development, continually evolving to drive performance and business agility.

Windows Workloads

Realise the full potential of your Microsoft and Windows-based workloads. Our specialised team is dedicated to accelerating, migrating, modernising, and deploying a wide range of Microsoft based workloads on Microsoft cloud, using our Landing Zone Accelerator. We help you modernise your applications and infrastructure, leveraging Microsoft services for enhanced scalability, security, and performance and our team excels in seamless migration, minimising downtime and disruptions to your business operations.

Microsoft Well-Architected Review

The Microsoft Well-Architected reviews are a vital component of the Well-Architected framework, designed to assist your organisation in constructing secure, high-performing, and efficient infrastructure for their applications.

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cloud solutions expert thinking
cloud solutions expert thinking

Unlocking the power of Azure DevOps for Europe’s largest tyre retailer.

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