Reflecting on 2 years at Expert Thinking 

by | Jul 1, 2024

Since joining Expert Thinking two years ago, we have progressed in so many areas. From our internal operations and delivery structure, to the types of customers we are engaging with and the technologies we are becoming proficient in.  
I joined from a very well-known and highly regarded competitor. Ben, John and James really sold me on the vision for a consultancy that was not just about numbers, be that financial or headcount, but about being the best in our domain. That as a statement may not sound like much, but sticking true to the core values and culture of an organisation as growth rapidly accelerates is no easy feat.  

During my time at Expert Thinking so far, we have implemented our flavour of a squad model, stood up highly performing technology practices and brought in some of the best minds in our industry to help us drive forward. We persistently aim high, and for the most part, land customers and engagements that consultancies many times the size of us might struggle to close.  

Evolution of my role: 

I started as a Principal Consultant, Expert Thinking’s first. It was a complete whirlwind of trying to apply my knowledge and expertise both internally and to customer engagements, while delivering multiple at once. Being a core part of shaping how and what we deliver during the first 6-12 months was incredibly exciting. Expert Thinking was and is a consultancy that can pivot, move fast and pull together as a team quite incredibly to get it done.  
Moving into a Head of Cloud role was very much a follow on. Some truly brilliant individuals joined us, some of which are Principal Consultant level, and my role became one of technical leadership and strategy.  
One of the things that many businesses like ours fail to do competently in my opinion is thoroughly understand their market and most critically where it is going. Speaking from a technology standpoint, the easy path is to grow doing what we do best – Platforms, Infrastructure as Code and DevOps. But the most resilient and lucrative path is to understand where our customers are headed, what technologies are coming to the forefront and take away barriers to entry for them to get there.  
My role now is one of overseeing our Practices and our technical delivery, working closely with our practice leads and Principal Consultants to set technical direction, strategy for the next 6 – 12 months and enable the team to get there. What we deliver, rests with me. 

Looking forward: 

We are growing rapidly in new markets like Portugal and putting a lot of work into shaping the future of what we offer to customers. The true value of cloud is gained from your workloads. Be that application, data, AI or dramatically increasing your security posture and resilience. My focus over the next 12 months is to really dig into that, and diversify our offerings to support customers with bespoke, high value solutions, making the platform underneath a necessity, but not a burden. 
The way we are using technology internally is really paying dividends. From offloading rinse and repeat day to day tasks to fine-tuned large (or smaller) language models, to ensuring we develop with the highest rigor internally before rolling our solutions out to customers. Our Practices are demonstrating true value commercially and are set to grow and diversify further. 
If things were already exciting, then the next few years are going to be edge of your seat stuff. 

Wrap up: 

2 years has flown by. There has been a tiny bit of travel for me in the middle of that, but our culture and focus just keeps getting stronger. My favourite thing about Expert Thinking is our openness and opinionation. If you have the right character mix leaning into that, it’s incredible what can be achieved. 

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