Revolutionising Enterprise Data: Agile Testing with Ephemeral Databases & Optimised Storage Solutions

by | Mar 1, 2024

Wednesday, 20th MARCH

Part 1:

“Revolutionising Enterprise Data” is an innovative webinar that explores the latest advancements in enterprise data management, focusing on the integration of Ephemeral Databases in a virtualised state and the optimised use of object and block storage. This strategy represents a significant shift towards more agile and automated testing environments, making it highly relevant for a wide range of organisations.

This session is uniquely tailored for a wide spectrum of professionals across industries, especially beneficial to large organisations grappling with extensive data management challenges. Whether you are an IT manager seeking to streamline database processes, a database administrator aiming to adopt more efficient practices, a member of developer experience or platform teams, or part of a development unit, this webinar is crafted for you. We aim to address common challenges such as managing large data volumes cost-effectively, enhancing testing agility, and automating operations. The session provides valuable insights for both seasoned Delphix users and those new to data virtualisation, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.”

Part 2:

The core discussion of our webinar centres around Ephemeral Databases and the cost-effective use of object storage as a strategic alternative to traditional block storage. This approach is crucial for reducing storage costs and overall infrastructure expenses. It also aims to enhance testing agility and promote a more automated operational structure, aligning with the latest technologies in data management.

As a Delphix professional services partner, our webinar offers more than just theoretical insights. We provide comprehensive solutions for designing, developing, and implementing Delphix Ephemeral Database testing solutions that are fully automated.

Unique Features and Selling Points:

Our approach, incorporating containerisation technologies like Kubernetes, enables automated testing that provisions virtualised databases just-in-time. This methodology not only efficiently tracks and versions data changes but also tears down the database infrastructure post-testing, ready to be deployed anew as required. The agility and cost savings achieved through this process are unparalleled, offering a significant competitive advantage in today’s fast-paced business environment. Our webinar will showcase how our professional services can assist organisations in leveraging these capabilities to enhance database testing and management efficiency in any environment.

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