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Top 5 Kubernetes Solutions Providers in UK 2022

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Helping Enterprises Unlock the True Power of Cloud

Enterprises are increasingly adopting cloud-native architecture to reduce time to market and respond faster to customer demands. Kubernetes has emerged as an enabler of this transition with its capability to manage containerized microservices and expedite DevOps adoption. Enterprises, however, have disparate usage and functional patterns, which present unique challenges in adoption. 

A one-size-fits-all approach cannot overcome these challenges. This is where Expert Thinking comes in and conducts a complete end-to-end application assessment across the enterprise to identify the workloads suitable for containerisation and those not. Through this ‘intelligent placement,’ it ensures RoI in terms of performance, scalability, and cost optimisation. Expert Thinking helps enterprises reinvent their cloud technology use, facilitating a transition from always-on-compute to on-demand-compute. Consequently, enterprises become more agile, performance-driven, and cost-efficient. “Organisations must truly understand the new paradigm of cloud computing to optimise its use,” says Ben Fry, managing director at Expert Thinking. “Using legacy computing paradigms and trying to learn as they go limits their ability to take full advantage of new technologies. Expert Thinking ensures the new platform is fully secure, scalable and tailored to their current specific needs, and extensible to service their business in the future.”

Understanding the significant differences in architecture, the application of the technology, and how it must be leveraged, Expert Thinking works with its customers throughout the journey to ensure they make well-informed decisions on what they use and how. It ultimately maximises the value and benefits of their investment. 

A case in point is how Expert Thinking optimized and accelerated the onboarding and migration of more than 200 business-critical applications to an industrial scale, highly optimised Cloud Native Platform (CNP) for a Fortune 500 organization specialising in high volume logistics. The organization was looking to tap into the potential of cloud to enhance its operational efficiency. Having delivered a highly scalable, reliable, secure, easy-to-adopt CNP on Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), Expert Thinking worked with the organization to migrate its business-critical applications using Intelligent Placement. 

Typically, organisations harness only a fraction of the opportunities the cloud presents. As cloud adoption involves the prerequisite of building new capabilities, they struggle to extend, enhance, and truly optimise it. As a rule of thumb, 80 percent of cloud comprises common patterns and delivers only 20 percent of the value. It is the remaining 20 percent of cloud that generates 80 percent value, driving competitive advantage. Expert Thinking uses a cloud accelerator that quickly delivers the 80 percent so that the focus can be on the 20 percent that truly matters to its customers.

“We ensure that the new platform is fully secure, scalable and tailored to their current specific needs, and extensible to service their business in the future”

In addition to the implementation, Expert Thinking helps organizations upskill and empower their team to be able to extend and enhance their capabilities moving forward.

Expert Thinking assesses the clients’ business posture holistically and leverages its real world experience so that they can benefit from a strategy optimised for them. It focuses on differentiation. Unlike a run-of-the-mill approach that delivers minimal value, it devises one specific to each organisation and likely to deliver maximum value.

“When organisations apply an old on-premise mindset to the adoption of cloud technologies, we take them through a journey to understand a bit more about the cloud first initiative, and build a roadmap so their adoption is meaningful and driven by actual business value,” says James Whinns, consulting director at Expert Thinking.

For Expert Thinking, it is all about taking a step back and ensuring the foundations are in place for the enterprise to leverage the benefits of adopted technologies. It works through iterative changes with clear direction, learning from direct feedback. In addition, Expert Thinking continuously tests its assumptions and ensures it is as agile as possible.

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