You are currently viewing Unlocking the power of Azure DevOps for Europe’s largest tyre retailer

Unlocking the power of Azure DevOps for Europe’s largest tyre retailer

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unlocking the power of Azure DevOps for Europe's largest tyre retailer

Expert Thinking identifies significant opportunities for improvement across application development at one of Europe’s largest tyre retailers. Our analysis highlighted issues with both the platform and tooling and ways of working. We provided a prioritised roadmap to increase the velocity of change, maximise efficiencies and reduce risks relating to code management and quality through necessary adoption of DevOps tooling and practices.


Our customer was struggling to deliver change into production with confidence and in a timely and efficient manner. Whilst the customer was initially focused on new tooling to address the problems, our analysis identified significant challenges with the ways of working, including:
Our customer recognised that their current approach was not sustainable and that a move to a cloud-based solution could not progress without addressing some of the more critical challenges their development teams were facing.


Expert Thinking provided a benchmark of maturity in the context of DevOps adoption and presented a prioritised set of actionable improvements broken down into discrete phases. Key recommendations included:


We successfully delivered a set of recommendations to drive measurable gains in quality, effectiveness and efficiency. In doing so, we helped our customer avoid many of the potential pitfalls organisations’ encounter when adopting DevOps tooling and ways of working. Specific outcomes included:

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